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Learn how Tolq helps you serve customers in any language with fast, fully integrated translations of the content powering your global growth.

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We manage the entire process for you from end to end

Translator Vetting

All translators and editors have to go through a rigorous vetting process, including completing Tolq’s standardized qualification tasks and meeting our quality standards.

Quality Management

We monitor quality at different levels of granularity and at different stages in the localization process. You have full insight and control every step of the way.

Operations Monitoring

Each translation task is monitored in real-time as it moves through the process to achieve fast turnaround times and the highest quality of outbound translations.

Translation Process

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Streamline your translation ops with the help of AI

Using state-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology, we deliver native-quality translations at the scale you need to grow your e-commerce business globally.

Our machine translation (MT) engines are fully customized to your business and always learning, which means your translations only get better with time.

Increase agility, maintain authenticity

After your content goes through our customized MT engines, Tolq's skilled translators and editors make sure the machine translation takes context, linguistic ambiguities, cultural sensitivities, and terminology unique to your brand into account.

Want human quality translations for more complex projects right off the bat? Simply place an order from your dashboard, and we will automatically assign one of our expert human translators to produce native-quality translations for you in no time.

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Translation Management

Manage your translation projects from a single dashboard

Managing translations in various language pairs (and in different states of completion) is a lot of work. But with Tolq, it doesn’t have to be. We give you granular control over all your localization operations from a single Dashboard.

You can easily review the status of any translation in real-time right down to the segment level. You can set up accounts for your team members so everyone can benefit from the same centralized language assets.

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Use workflows to optimize your localization process

Workflows are the backbone of your translation process, and with Tolq, you get access to all the translation workflows you’ll need for efficient localization operations:

Human Translation (High-End)

Human Proofreading

Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

NMT Post-Editing

Statistical Machine Translation (SMT)

Translate thousands of products in just a few clicks

Translate up to 10,000 products with the help of translation memory (TM). Simply drag and drop one or more files directly from your desktop, and we’ll parse and process your file translations just as quickly as your product catalog content.

Amongst others, we support HTML, XLIFF, CSV, and XLSX files at the moment. New formats are being added regularly.

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Get more done with smart API integrations

With a wide range of API integrations, you can put our translation solutions to work for you in no time. Tolq easily integrates into your team's existing workflow with the most popular CRM, Chat, and content management platforms, as well as custom solutions.

If you don’t see a native integration for your preferred platform listed, let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Learn how to localize your e-commerce business

Break into new markets and skyrocket your sales with scalable localization operations. Here’s what you’ll get in the ebook:

What is e-commerce localization?

Why, what, when, and where should I localize?

How to get started with localization?

and much more

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Beginners Guide Image
Beginners Guide Image
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Get our full service levels and pricing

We believe in customised quality and pricing. The quality you will need for your translations depends largely on the difficulty of your source text and the purpose of your texts.

Quality Control

Manage all of your language assets in a centralized platform

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Continuous localization requires managing and leveraging your language assets efficiently. With a centralized platform, Tolq helps you share the language assets you build up over time with your entire organization while improving translation quality and reducing costs with each new sentence.

Style Guides ensure consistency in style for all your outbound translations, even if you have different types of content.

Glossary and Terminology ensure your translations employ the right terminology consistently across all projects with instructions at the word level or segment level.

Translation Memory (TM) ensures you never pay to translate the same sentence twice. It only sends unique phrases for translation, so the more service requests you submit, the better your TM gets at decreasing your costs and turnaround times.

Take control of your translation results with Tolq’s advanced tools

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Tolq’s set of advanced tools empowers you to take control of your translations and ensure efficiency, quality, and consistency.

Translator Chat Forget messy emails. Handle discussions and questions with translators and editors effortlessly using Tolq’s integrated chat feature.

In-Context View Eliminate misunderstandings before they even happen. Show your translators additional information about the product they are translating.

Translations Review Not satisfied with a translation? Send the sentence back with one click, and we will retranslate it for you.

Mix and Match Use smart combinations of NMT and human translation to improve your cost-efficiency and positively impact your bottom line, saving up to 80% over time.

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